This could save you MYR 32,000…..if you have cats.

Duckie & Dolce back in 2008. Coco had not been adopted yet.

Let’s talk shit.

Or rather, cat poop.

The cat litter industry stood at USD 4 billion in 2018, and is expected to hit USD 5 billion by 2025. Basically, it’s huge. And that stuff ain’t cheap.

For our three cats, we’ve been using Everclean for close to a decade. It’s one of the best products on the market. The price has steadily increased over that time until around MYR 85 per box today, excluding shipping if you’re buying online. With 3 cats, we go through 2 boxes a month (mixed with a box of Prodiet cat litter in order to reduce costs). This costs us an average of MYR 200 per month just on cat litter.

Enter tofu cat litter.

I’m not sure how late to the game we are, but boy is it a game changer.

It’s made out of tofu, so you just flush it all down the toilet bowl. You never need to dispose of it via the trash ever again. It’s also super lightweight, unlike traditional cat litter which requires thicker stronger plastic bags.

Secondly, the pieces are larger so it’s harder for it to get trapped in a cat’s paws. But even if it does and the cat consumes the tofu trying to get it out, it’s non-toxic to them, unlike traditional cat litter.

As for the performance, it works extremely well in neutralizing odors from cat pee and poop. I’ve used other natural cat litter before like Cature, and tofu beats wood hands down. You should still scoop the litter box daily of course, but it will last a few days without any unpleasant odors.

Finally, we come to the cost. For our three cats I use about 2 boxes every 2 weeks, disinfecting and changing out the litterboxes completely. Pawtnership recommends once a month, but I prefer to overhaul fortnightly to keep things fresh. You only need a layer of around 3cm high in the litterbox.

Free shipping with a minimum purchase of around 4 boxes is also incredibly great. This costs me around MYR 68 a month, which is a monthly savings of MYR 132 switching over from Everclean.

This comes up to a whopping MYR 32,156 savings if you compound at 5% per annum over the average lifetime of a cat (14 years). Obviously your mileage will vary based on the number of cats you have.

So, a great product that ticks all of the boxes and is also better for the environment. Does it have any drawbacks? For me, the cat litter scent is a bit strong. That’s why I always go with the natural milk scent, unless its out of stock. That said, the scent of tofu cat litter is 100x better than the smell of cat piss and/or poop. Also, when dumping the litter in the toilet bowl, you might want to do it in smaller installments. The tofu dissolves really fast, but in my experience it can still clog up the bowl for some time if you pour in too much. If you’re like me and want to push your luck, just have a plunger nearby, it will unclog in a second.

Try it out here and let me know what you think in the comments or email me at

*If you make any purchase via my Lazada links, I may get a commission at no cost to you.

*Update: In May 2020 I switched to this brand since it provides better performance and is usually in stock.

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