I designed a Grandparent’s Journal…

Preview of the first 9 pages.

This is a simple journal for grandparents to capture their own lives and memories, with the goal that it will be passed on to their grandkids to read and treasure when the time is right. Basically a guided diary made specially to be passed down generations.

This pdf journal is divided into the following chapters:

  • Early years
  • Growing up
  • Family
  • Teenage years
  • Work & career
  • Love & marriage
  • Precious things

It contains non-guided blank pages as well for any other add-on subjects that are not covered or for freestyle/pictures/drawings.

Suggest printing onto a thick card paper or something of at least 180gsm which most home printers can handle easily. After that a simple comb-binding will allow for future editing.

I feel this journal is important if your parents and your kids do not stay together or their age gap is large. But this would also be meaningful even if grandparents and grandkids do stay together, because when you’re young memories don’t stick so well.

The inspiration for this came pretty quick after the boys were born 🙂

Time to break out the fountain pens!

*As a fun project I’m currently learning how to host this file on its own wordpress site with a pay as you like gateway. For now if anyone would like the soft copy of this just drop me an email at leonard@leonardl.ee.

You don’t have to know me personally, just say hi! and introduce yourself. I’d be happy to send it to you for free.

I welcome any questions and comments as well.

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