My current daily routine + a dose of Seneca

It mainly revolves around the kids, who are one and a half years old at the time of writing.

The wife works in finance, so her office job is unaffected by the lockdown.

  • 6.30-7am: Wake up (probably when one of the boys wakes up and demands to be fed).
  • 7-8am: Boys are up and running around. Make coffee and breakfast. Lea heads to work. Start the laundry.
  • 8-9am: Playing with the boys while catching up on news and the stock market. Hang the laundry.
  • 9-11am: Cook and feed them breakfast. Bathe them one at a time. More coffee.
  • 11am-12pm: Boys have their milk and then a long nap.
  • 12-2pm: Prepare lunch and dinner in the slow cooker. Take care of the cats – food, litter tray etc. etc. Check up on social media while having a bite. Wash dishes from breakfast and feeding bottles. Take a shower. More coffee.
  • 2-4pm: Boys will wake up around 2pm, and their lunch typically starts at 2:30pm.
  • 4-6pm: Playtime interspersed with milk drinking while I occasionally look at or trade some stocks.
  • 6-8pm: Dinner time and Lea returns from work. She gives them their evening bath and we tidy up and prepare them for bed. We have our own dinner.
  • 8pm-9pm: Put the boys to bed. I’m pretty tired by now, so I normally lie down and unwind online.
  • 9pm-10pm: Tidy up the place, cleaning feeding bottles, working out.
  • 10pm-2am: Writing, reading and finally working on my own projects.
  • 2am: Sleep and getting ready to do it all over again.

It’s very rewarding and a huge privilege for me to be able to spend so much time with them. Weekends are different of course. Quality time is much higher with Lea at home.

Of course, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. I’m planning to:

  • further optimize some tasks for higher efficiency
  • get more writing and reading done
  • exercise and train more, and at higher intensities
  • recover better (portable sauna/more sleep, less time wasting)
  • further improve home cleanliness

Basically, the lockdown (MCO) is a great opportunity for improvement and life optimization. While everyone hopes that the pandemic blows over quickly and our loved ones are not affected, on a personal level each of us have to be mentally prepared that the lockdown will be extended.

If anyone perceives it as being helplessly stuck at home and needing to kill time or go crazy, then they should probably learn how to be more flexible and adapt to new situations better. One good way to do that is Stoicism, and Seneca’s letters are a great start.

On the other hand if you’re a business owner and stressed out of your mind, then this is for you too (although you’re stressed for different reasons). Stoicism will help you to focus on what you can control, and let go of what you can’t.

Listen to it for free on Youtube.

Take care, everyone.

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