Maintaining a Consistent Home Workout Routine

My home gym (pull-up bar and portable sauna not shown)

With the twins and Coronavirus keeping me indoors all the time, I’ve designed a small home gym with the equipment mostly sourced online. I get a full body workout with a full range of motion.

In order to have a consistent daily workout routine, I decided to start very small and let momentum take over. Due to my schedule I don’t feel any pressure to do any long workout sessions. I generally train throughout the entire day, sometimes with just a few pushups or kettlebell swings. These micro sessions are mentally and physically effortless, and they add up. My goal is to program my mind so that working out becomes second nature. It doesn’t require any willpower. Also it helps me avoid injuries and burnout (extreme soreness or fatigue) because the routine is well within my physical limits.

I want to maintain this automatic routine for life. Once the quarantine is over my outdoor workouts should be added on top of this home routine and not reduce it.

I also started a basic training log in Excel to help track my progress. Nothing fancy, but as a wise person once said, ‘What gets measured gets managed’.

Long-term objective: Increase daily average and the make the graph trend upwards slowly and steadily. Fell asleep at 8pm on April 6th 🙂

Three short videos that really helped me:

  • How to Program Your Mind for Fitness by Firas Zahabi (GSP’s head coach and best friend as well as owner of Tristar Gym) Part 1 & 2.
Part One
Part Two
  • Incidental Training – training throughout the day, is it effective?

Do you have a home workout routine and what equipment do you use?

Happy training!

*For transparency’s sake, if you purchase via my Lazada links, some of them will pay me an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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