Weekly Selection #1 – Four Picks For Your Quarantine Weekend Entertainment (and Learning)

1. Shia Labeouf’s epic epic freestyle (Warning: explicit lyrics)

Shia Labeouf films? Most are awful. In fact, Transformers and Indiana Jones 4 are on my worst ever list. But, boy oh boy, can this guy rap! His 2016 four minute performance is one of the greatest freestyles I’ve seen. He attacks it with passion, incredible wit and wordplay. A showcase of the beauty of the English language….with swear words of course.

2. Mouth Breathing is a lot more important than we thought.

It can affect our IQ and even physical atractiveness.

3. Man slices bullets fired at him with a katana

If you thought the scene in Wolverine where Deadpool does the bullet slice was ridiculous (well, it was a ridiculous movie after all), Isao Machii can do that stuff in real life. Just like the monks who could self-immolate without flinching, it’s amazing what being present in the moment can add to a lifelong dedication to swordsmanship.

4. Ease your anxieties with this real life Disney princess in rural China

At almost 10m subscribers, Liziqi is not an unknown. But if you’ve never heard of her, just pick any video to watch. I could mention how her videos show a deep love for family, nature and the quiet life but typing out words fail to do any of it justice. If you can, stream it to a wide screen TV via Chromecast or something for an amazing and ultra-calming experience for the whole family.

Did you like the selection or are you already familiar with these videos? I’ll keep posting weekly if there is a demand, however small. Let me know via the comments or email and thanks for viewing.

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