Balcony Farming & Composting Project

Used coffee grounds and fruit peel ready for the first round of composting.

We have some space on the balcony that could be put to good use with a small vegetable garden. The objectives to be met:

  • Only grow plants that can be harvested for eating or other uses
  • Reduce wastage of fruits and veges by composting the leftovers and unused bits, turning them into fertile soil.
  • Low maintenance (I suck at gardening, literally the opposite of green-thumbs)
  • Fresher air flow
  • Better ambiance and connection with nature (scientifically proven reduce stress)
  • Maybe some catnip for the cats if that’s possible

I previously tried to grow some flowers there when Lea was pregnant with the boys. It lasted all of maybe….2 weeks?

This was a beautiful, but short-lived sight…

The flowers started dying off one by one until only the aloe vera was left. it still survives to this day, stronger than ever despite my best inadvertent efforts to kill it.

Should probably harvest some of it soon. But for what uses….?

So I got myself a plastic bin, filled it, alternating with a few layers of different soil and kicked it off by composting some fruit peel and used coffee grounds. I also got a good quality trowel/spade by Baba. They didn’t have the slim one at the time so I took the larger model.

Sherlock helping me out…

Like this blog, my balcony farm is very much a fix-as-I-go kind of project. I hope to get some chillies, herbs, spring onions and some leafy greens going as soon as possible. Reader suggestions are also welcome as long as the plants don’t die easily and are useful. Mum, if you’re reading, please comment when you see me going wrong.

*She has the greenest thumbs of anyone I know; literally a gardening wizard. I inherited none of those genes.

*If you purchase via my Lazada link, I may receive an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Thanks for reading!

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