Found Some Poems I Wrote 20 Years Ago.

Found a text file I archived with some poems I wrote circa 2000. They could be classified into two genres, love poems and….depressing emo minimalism (LOL). Some didn’t age well, but some I’m still quite happy with, despite the melancholic vibes and Robert Frost homages.

I think that some of them have never actually been read by anyone else.

So for posterity’s sake I’ll publish some of the less embarassing ones. And before you judge them harshly, please note that a lot has changed in 20 years.

*I have left them completely unedited, down to the lettercase and punctuation.

taking them when the owner’s away
or when skies turn gray
for the day
they’re blind

to all who’ve spied on the garden way
intent on causing disarray
or dismay

where a sunflower danced in the warmest day
and stored each ray
that came to play
he’ll find

only a pile of earth that remains today
all those who stray
leave the garden way

Buzzing bee flew from the south
Buzzing bee had a broken wing
Buzzing bee smiled with upturned mouth
Buzzing bee said ‘lost my sting’

Dying bee lay at the sill
Dying bee with cherished past
Dying bee had crossed the hill
Dying bee about to breathe its last

A dying bee has left the hive
A dying bee has left the tree
A dying bee has led good life
A dying bee is just like me

Taste of egg sandwich in my mouth and your fingers
Have folded my blankets with a feminine touch
Your scent on my shirt; it still lingers
Oh! and leftover ice-cream cause I bought too much

The days and months seem to fly past
The seasons change and people too
The wind and storm will never last
And I take the time to think of you

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