Post-Father’s Day Life Updates

Time for some updates regarding the blog and important stuff I’ve been working on.

Father’s Day
Just spent a regular day at home with the family, we’re still maintaining social distancing and living like hermits apart from Lea’s office commute. I could probably use a haircut soon.

On the Father’s Day weekend I made some ten-don (tempura on rice). The one before that (maybe a week earlier..?) was a quick western brunch with avocado, both shown above. The pumpkin was great and overall the meal was quite enjoyable, but it’s not something I can make in any short amount of time. There is some preparation required, and the deep frying is done individually. Also quite technical if you want to maintain the Japanese authenticity. Probably something I’ll do again once the kids are older. The western brunch is much easier.

Apart from that I need to stop overeating and maybe consume less rice and noodles. Which leads me to…

I’ve been getting a long daily low intensity workout taking care of two rambunctious kids, but my high intensity work (normally done at night) has dropped off. Part of the reason was a bad case of tennis elbow which is almost healed up now. Another part is just laziness after a long day. On the plus side I’ve been sleeping more so the headaches are much lesser now.

But now I really need to start getting back to high intensity workouts because…

Run Project

Taman Tasik Permaisuri from my balcony

I’m turning 41 this year and plan to mark it by running a solo marathon, probably at the Permaisuri Lake Gardens which is close to home. The timing is not important to me but the target is to complete it before October 2020.

It’s going to be tough so I need to cut out more non-productive time.

Social Media/Time Management
Spending less time on social media has helped a lot, but I still need to cut down on Youtube watching at night.

It’s basically procrastination since I’m supposed to be working on my ecom startups.

Work Projects
In order to make life harder 🤣 I’m working on 3 ecommerce stores at the moment. – Selling accessories related to the vertical farming niche, in particular for small homes (indoors or using balcony space). This site is almost ready and should be live by next week. – Selling shapewear for women post-pregnancy, with Lea as my primary consultant. – Selling LED lighting, niche is in LED ambience lighting which are Smart (controllable via wi-fi, Google Home & Alexa), RGB color-changing and targeted towards DIY, requiring minimal skills to install.

This will take a significant amount of focus and resources to to do successfully, and will hinge on doing the marketing well. I will probably abandon or close down the Etsy store so that I don’t have to bother with it any more. Cut out all distractions, no matter how small.

The blog will be maintained, of course.

Blog Traffic/Income
I started posting consistently in February 2020, and here are the stats after 5 months.

I’ve gotten a total of 878 visitors and almost 2k views, with a record spike in May. Overall maybe take away 10-20% which are my own views, and maybe bots..?

Readership is pretty much global, which I’m very happy with, but the US readership is extremely low, which I’m not happy with. It needs more work, and also I read that Google only starts seriously indexing new sites only after 6 months to a year. Places like Samoa contributing 14 views? I’m guessing some of the stats are from VPNs and/or bots…

The most popular post was the one about watches (A hobby which I quit years ago…! 🤦🏻‍♂️) followed by my mum’s post about gardening.

Facebook provides the highest number of eyeballs. It just works since FB is probably our closest network of friends and family, unlike Linkedin, where posts are career/networking/marketing related. The WordPress App/Reader will also share your blog with other bloggers, which is a kind of helpful networking to see what others are doing. As far as search engines go, Baidu sent me most of the search engine traffic, I’m not sure why. Maybe because of Lazada? Anyway, as mentioned earlier, websites need at least 6 months to 2 years to start ranking well (Note to self: and good content won’t hurt)

Oh, and Pinterest didn’t send me any traffic. That was me just experimenting with it.

After enrolling in the Lazada Affiliate Program in March, I’ve made roughly USD 100 in 3 months. The majority of it came from purchases by friends and relatives, so it’s not entirely organic traffic. I’m not complaining though as I never expected to be able to monetize it so quickly. It covers the costs of running the blog, so that’s all good for now. These types of programs take a long time to pay out though. If I had more US readers I would definitely consider enrolling in the Amazon Affiliate Program.

That’s it today, the kids should be finishing their nap right about now.

Wishing all dads a Happy Belated Father’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Post-Father’s Day Life Updates”

  1. Hope all goes well with the marathon man. Keep up the work out schedule man. And true, I too need to cut down on youtube nonsense. It’s just so easy to laze around. Damn.

    Liked by 1 person

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