www.verticulture.store Is LIVE! (And Other Updates)

E-Commerce Projects
I was supposed to release this post two nights ago, but fell asleep at the keyboard at around 11pm after working on the website. In a previous post, I’ve mentioned that I would start an e-commerce project to supply indoor and vertical personal farming products. So, www.verticulture.store is now live and like this blog, I’ll be fixing and optimizing it as we go along. Marketing and optimizing every aspect of the customer experience will be the main challenges going forward. I admit the probability of success is not high and I have limited hours to put in daily, but fingers crossed there will be a lot of learning and takeaways that I can share in the near future.

Also, a huge thanks to my FB network who helped like the Verticulture FB page. I know most of you guys don’t care about vertical gardening in the least. Appreciate the support.

Getting Overweight Again
My addiction to rice and noodles has recently been getting out of hand, so it’s time for me to stick to cooking my own low carb meals. This one in the photo above has a bit more ingredients as I added all the leftovers from the previous salad recipe. Moving forward I’ll probably go with a daily mixed veggie+chicken omelette. As usual I believe that a high variety of whole foods in a single meal provides greater satiety when combined with protein. And I don’t mind repeating the same meal over and over again daily, so here goes.

Mum & Dad Are Here!, Exploring Japan And…..American Politics?!
As coronavirus is still affecting the world, there has been a spike in Japan, causing my favorite Youtubers to take a break. Unfortunately I’ve overcompensated by consuming too much of American politics (I’m listening to the Kanye’s interview as I’m typing this) and annoying my mum and dad with it since they’re over here visiting the kids…sorry guys 😁 They had a long day today with over 200km of driving and I kept them up a bit. Hope they get some rest and spend some quality time (politics free!) with the grandkids tomorrow. It’s going to be a good family weekend.

Oh yeah, I may be the biggest Japanophile who has never yet traveled to Japan (I can totally sense the mocking condescension) but instead live vicariously through these two channels:

Digital Homeless Yohei is about his eponymous van life adventures solo travelling (with a dog) through Japan.
Simon and Martina are a OG Youtubers, a Canadian couple who have spent years in Korea and Japan.

Hope you guys stay safe and start posting again soon, there’s only so much more crazy far-left antics my brain can absorb.

Hofkellerei in Chur Is Now Permanently Closed (?)

One of my favorite photos from our European trip. Real lens flare too!

This photo was taken in 2011 when Lea and I visited the lovely town of Chur in Switzerland. We spent the entire sunny day exploring the old town. Saw some really beautiful cemeteries which gave off a cheery cosy vibe, and I’d purchased both a Merkur razor and a Victorinox knife. We then decided to have dinner at Hoffkelerei as it was recommended by LonelyPlanet (also in the picture above). This historical restaurant, set within the cathedral complex, had the distinction of being in operation since 1522. Yes, you read that right; 2 years shy of 500 years. We were told the ancient architecture and furniture and even the recipes were mostly original and faithful. In the photo you can see St. Martin’s clock tower in the background.

We had some traditional Grisons food, accompanied by some red wine from the bishop’s vineyards (which are located right beside the restaurant, apparently) and washed it all down with some amazing coffee, which is still a mental highlight for both of us to this day.

Sadly, I saw that the Hoffkelerei is now permanently closed under Google Maps, most likely due to coronavirus. Of course, I hope I’m wrong and that this is just temporary; unique places like this should be preserved. However Lea and I are unlikely to ever return to Chur again, so if anyone reading ever makes a trip, do check and see if it has somehow reopened.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you’ve been to this restaurant before or even watch the same Youtubers! Just leave American politics out of it 🤷‍♀️…

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