Pinterest Marketing, My First Sale And Other Updates…


Optimizing The Webstore
So this past week I’ve been working on improving my website I added the ‘product reviews’ function (no actual reviews yet, of course), order tracking, and a contact page. I totally overlooked writing the contact page when launching the website, even though I already put the header in the main menu.

I also added in a new product, the Kabegami Wall Planter and improved the SEO for all the products.

Facebook Page
The official FB page is I will look at running some low-cost FB ads at a later stage then tracking the ROI and learnings from it. Will be interesting as I have zero prior experience in this.

Pinterest Marketing
The Pinterest page is also live here. I’ve chosen Pinterest marketing over Instagram for this project because Pinterest is like a visual search engine and will help boost targeted search traffic to my store. It also has a very high buyer engagement rate as Pinterest users are already looking to purchase and use it to find ideas and inspiration. Furthermore Pinterest pins have longevity and can continue to bring good traffic months after they go live. For now Pinterest users are still mainly women based in the United States (80% users are female) so if your target market is male, then Pinterest might not be as well-suited.

Used to create all the visuals on Pinterest and the FB page. This amazing site give amateurs or people without Illustrator/Photoshop skills the ability to create professional looking designs and posters. It’s especially helpful to smaller businesses or solopreneurs who can’t afford to hire professional graphic designers. The templates make it a breeze to create something in a short amount of time too. When providing templates for a wide range of designs from book covers to Pinterest pins, even the optimal sizes and proportions are included. Highly recommended.

Pinterest Analytics
Used a business account and claimed my website to get advanced analytics. The claim didn’t work for me at first, until I realized a day later that I forgot to <Save> the html tag that I added to Shopify’s code 🤦‍♂️.

My First Customer!
Verticulture has got it’s first customer! He purchased the Yoki set of 4 self-watering flower pots and they were shipped out 2 days later. Don’t know much about him except that he occasionally reads my blog and has quite the watch collection. Check out his Instagram here. Thank you for supporting the store, Timekeeper!

Spending Time With Family

Two weekends ago we had my parents over to visit and the past weekend we went back to my in-laws place for a mini reunion, about an hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. The boys went crazy climbing up and down the staircase and playing with their relatives. A good social and physical antidote to being cooped up in with me all day these past few months. I didn’t manage to get any writing done there but it was good for Lea to spend some time with her family, as we’ve been so isolated until recently with coronavirus showing signs of easing up, at least in this part of the world anyway.

The home cooked food was really good too.

New Writing Project

Recently I made a pact with my mum, dad and sis to write a short story of not less than 1000 words by the August 12th. At first I thought about doing a hardboiled crime story but then I had the idea for a Victorian era piece instead. A couple of days later I had mentally worked out the outline, done the research and ironed out all the major issues that came up. So now in terms of actual writing I’m about 200 words in. Really excited and can’t wait to get back to it.

Guess I should, before I fall asleep at the keyboard again 🤣

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