Another Set Of Twins Is Born (And Other Updates)

Balcony Garden
The aloe vera flowered recently and gave birth to two new babies! My mum the gardener was visiting recently and she helped to transplant them to their own pots before she left.

She used my composted soil so we’ll see if it’s any good. I’ve actually stopped composting for some time now because we ran out of bin space. I should just get an extra bag from my own store but I know I won’t have much time to do any gardening at the moment anyway. When the boys are older, I definitely plan on having more indoor plants.

Falling Behind On Work
These past 2 weeks have been extra tough. The boys are now strong and agile enough to climb the window grille and open windows, and I can only imagine how bored they must be stuck at home with Dad all day. They are also taking shorter naps while waking up more often in the middle of the night so I have less time to work. As a result I haven’t been sleeping well or working out much recently.

Made a mental note to take them for future rock climbing lessons.

Verticulture To Do List

My site is currently getting between 8-12 views per day from western countries, so the next step will be to get to 10x of that. Based on a target conversion rate of 3%, I will need at least 10k unique sessions per month to be able to make this work 😅.

Here are some of the stuff I’ve done so far:

Email Opt-In Form + USD 5 Voucher – I successfully linked the site to Mailchimp via Shopsync. Then I designed a 5 second delayed pop-up page (shown in the image below) to offer the USD 5 voucher to new subscribers. The automation on the back end to instantly email the voucher was not too difficult. After the second or third test it worked fine.

Adding Social Media Links
I’ve added the Facebook and Pinterest icons to both the website and the pop-up form.

Outstanding Stuff To Work On

So most of this stuff below should have been completed last week, but I’m only getting to it now, and slowly at that.

Facebook Pixel Tutorial – Learning this will help me track and understand user behavior on my website and FB page

Optimize Google Image Search SEO – My product images don’t show up on Google searches yet. The website SEO is also not great.

Facebook Ads Tutorial – Will try to briefly learn the key metrics and best practices before dipping my toes in to save time and money.

Adding 3 new products – A wall planter, LED grow-light bulb and indoor plant shelf are in the pipeline.

Adding community images to the website – A collage of community pictures of customers’s indoor/balcony gardens would be cool, even if they don’t feature my products yet. It would also add a lot of social proof to the site once i get enough of them (along with customer reviews). I guess I can ask new customers if I could feature them, and meanwhile also get some pictures from my manufacturers.

Delivery tracking and customer updates – I need to automate this process because manually doing it at scale would be torture.

Pinterest Analytics Tutorial – The pins are slowly gaining traction, they are getting quite a lot of views in total but actual engagement is only somewhere around 50 (1.9k views over 5 pins, with 59 engagements as shown in the screenshot below) Therefore the data needs to be looked at and understood. That reminds me, I probably need to add additional info in the pins as well to boost the SEO.

Writing Projects
My Victorian era novel is currently languishing in development hell 🤣🤣🤣 Not that I have writer’s block, it’s just that I’ve been a feeling too lethargic to write after spending so much energy on e-commerce. That said, I should get a few hundred words in later tonight (or rather this morning).

Meanwhile, my sis has kicked off the first chapter of her dystopian sci-fi young adult novel! I think it’s a really good start with nice pacing and a very effective style. It’s pretty clean even though I don’t think it’s been heavily edited. Taking into consideration that she hasn’t written fiction since her school days; I’m blown away. Check it out here on her new personal blog.

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