A Small Tribute To A Big Heart.

Duckie was cremated at Pets-In-Peace, Semenyih on the morning of 22 September 2020. Her ashes were stored in a small urn which I brought back home.

The boys are too young to understand, and will probably not remember her. Still, I’m thankful that they had a chance to spend some time with her when she was still vibrant.

I still miss her a lot and can’t really believe that she’s gone forever. Even though we had time to mentally and emotionally prepare, it still hits hard. If only I had taken better care of her, and sent her to the vet earlier, she might have had a healthy few extra years. And when things took a turn for the worse and looked inevitable, I should have let her go earlier instead of holding out for a turnaround. It seems cruel and dumb in hindsight, but I kept hoping she’d pull through and recover, right until her final day. These are consequences that I will live with, and I accept that.

A flashback to 2008 when I was a volunteer at PAWS Malaysia (PAWS Animal Welfare Society), I had the idea of adopting another cat to accompany Dolce so that she wouldn’t be lonely while everyone was at work. But which cat, since there were so many to choose from? That decision was made for me when I was handling sickbay one day.

This big overweight female calico (she was maybe a year old?) would jump on me affectionately and nudge all the other cats away in order to be petted and brushed. It happened every single time I went into sickbay to spend time with them. So basically, she was the one who chose me. Duckie wasn’t really in sickbay because she was sick, I think she was just recuperating from being spayed. But being quarantined meant that she had not been put up to the public for adoption yet. There’s no doubt in my mind that she would have been adopted instantly once she was fully recovered, given her looks and personality. So the moment she was ready to leave, she came home with me.

I remember everyone (human) took to her instantly. Dolce might have had her reservations in the beginning, I can’t recall after so many years. But in no time, they loved each other too. I think it was my sister Stephanie who gave Duckie her name on day one, as her meowing used to sound like a quack when she was young.

So that’s her origin story and the rest is history. How she came to arrive at PAWS and where she was rescued or abandoned, we’ll never know. Thinking about it now, I hope that she is finally reunited with her original cat family ♥.

Trip down memory lane complete, here are some pictures over the years that we’ll remember her by.

P/S: The logical part of my brain understands that this experience of losing a loved one is not unique and that almost all pet owners will have a similar story, described with similar words. After all, there are millions of Duckies all over the world.

But this was my Duckie.

So goodbye again old friend. It was never a burden caring for you, even towards the end. I would do it all again a hundred times over.

1 thought on “A Small Tribute To A Big Heart.”

  1. Farewell Duckie, I will always miss you. I’m sorry I didn’t spend enough time with you ever since I moved to Dubai, that was not fair and not right. You’ll forever be the most adorable cat who wanted to play with me and be cuddled any time of the day. RIP, love you forever.

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