Remembering Dolce.

Dolce at our old place sometime around 2010.

We lost Dolce as well on December 29th, 2020. She was old and her body was giving up. Anyone who has done some palliative care or seen end-of-life suffering will understand that sometimes it’s best to let go. I learnt that in my experiences with Duckie. With a heavy heart, I decided to get Dolce euthanized and had her cremated that same day.

Dolce basking in sunlight in 2018, shortly before the twins were born.

In 2008 we found her by the swimming pool at my sister’s apartment. She looked like a stray so I assumed she must have wandered in from the streets outside. At the time I knew absolutely zero about caring and being responsible for another living creature, although I had some experience volunteering at an animal shelter. After some warm food and water she was in good spirits and comfortable with all of us humans.

Dolce had the calmest, most gentle and loving character. Never too playful or rambunctious, yet never too regal or introverted. I think the best description for her would be mild-mannered. She was incredibly loyal, and loved everyone around her (both human and cat). Soon thereafter I brought her to the animal shelter to get her dewormed, vaccinated, and hoping to find her a good home. But after a few weeks it was clear that no one would adopt her for some time. She just didn’t stand out that way. So when my friend and fellow volunteer Sarah suggested I take her in and give her a permanent home, I did so willingly, despite my initial fear and misgivings about being able to provide a good home for her.

A more recent photo of her.

It was the right decision and a good one that she came home again with me. Like the ancient Buddhist proverb goes: ‘Save a life and you are responsible for it.’ Of course there was much to learn, and having another living creature dependent on me meant that I had less freedom and more responsibilities. But that is part of growing up and becoming an adult. So I think a part of me, however small, matured from then on and became a better person for it.

Dolce, back home with us once again and always beside her best friend Duckie.

Despite my many mistakes and shortcomings over the years, Dolce has been with us ever since that time in 2008. Memories of her will always stay close to our hearts. Thank you for being part of our family Dolce!  Rest in peace.

Leonard and family.

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