How To Boost Testosterone Naturally – My Complete Notes

Boosting testosterone naturally and safely is definitely a high priority for me this year.

For most middle-aged men, increasing testosterone will enhance bone and muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase drive (including sex drive) and energy, improve physical recovery and also enhance cognitive abilities. Low testosterone can lead to poor heart health and early onset of dementia.

There’s no official standardised test for testosterone levels (what most doctors consider average is too low). If you’re always tired, have problems losing weight, have sleep difficulty, feel depressed and stressed, and have a low sex drive, you might benefit from a testosterone boost.

Plus the fact that the average man has 20% less testosterone today vs 20 years ago, it is most likely men could all use more of it in general. The main factors are due to lifestyle: less high quality sleep, less physical activity, less sunlight and higher levels of stress.

So on a macro level we should all get better sleep, do more exercise outdoors in the sun and have good daily stress relief routines.

My short notes below will help you to boost not just your testosterone safely but also overall quality of life.

  • consume more eggs, dairy and whole milk
  • consume more olive oil, nuts, avocado and brocolli
  • sugar reduces testosterone in men, therefore cut intake of sugary drinks, white carbs like bread, noodles, rice, flour etc. etc.
  • if you’re not getting enough sunlight, take a vitamin D supplement
  • start bedtime routines earlier and avoid caffeine after lunch if it interferes with earlier sleep
  • optimize bedroom for better sleep – blackout curtains, cooler temperature etc. etc.
  • do more high intensity interval training
  • increase zinc and magnesium intake (beef, green leafy veg, supplements)
  • eat more tuna and fish oil supplements

How about more specific supplements like Tongkat Ali and fenugreek? If you add them up, they can get pretty expensive and the percentage boost of testosterone is too small to justify for regular people. On top of that, many retail supplements don’t contain the actual dosage of the herbs they claim to provide. Worse still, some have substitute ingredients that may do more harm. Personally, I feel they’re unnecessary as I have enough trouble just adhering to the basics as it is.

For a more comprehensive article on this, check out this post at

For my summary of all the latest health, nutrition and exercise research from the last year, check out my previous blog post here.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. Please consult your medical professional before you make any drastic changes to your regular health and nutrition routines.

3 thoughts on “How To Boost Testosterone Naturally – My Complete Notes”

  1. Hi Leonard, great article which I enjoyed reading. I’m going to try following your advice (I say ‘try’ as I’m not very disciplined). Have you noticed any improvements yourself?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Danny, thanks for the comment and all the best. Yes I gained some good muscle mass (I’m 40+) , had much better quality sleep, less brain fog and also lost about 5kg. Have regressed a bit recently during the latest lockdowns though….damn ramen 🤣


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