A Sample Ideal Daily Routine For Optimizing Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

This article is based on the previous two articles about health, fitness, nutrition and testosterone. If you haven’t read them, check them out here:

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I combined all the best practices and wrote myself an ideal daily routine with the following criteria:
– easy adherence
– time-efficient preparation
– doesn’t cost a fortune
– practical

To get more specific, it’s designed for an overweight middle-aged man (yours truly) who wants to lose some weight and boost testosterone while getting fitter and healthier. Assuming he has no current major health issues but wants to prevent degenerative diseases, cognitive decline, cardiovascular diseases and cancer down the road. He is married with children, works a regular day-job from home so doesn’t have a lot of time to cook. He also prefers to spend less on expensive foods and supplements. No gym membership but has basic equipment and facilities at home.

Sample Daily Routine

Early Morning (Preferably around sunrise) – Start the day with some outdoor meditation or yoga, put mobile devices on airplane mode whenever possible. Follow it up with a fasted high intensity workout (plain water is permitted and should be drunk plentifully throughout the day). Workout duration should be well within personal capabilities and can be slowly and gradually increased.

Late Morning – Have a delayed breakfast/brunch of at least 3-4 scrambled or boiled eggs with some broccolli, avocado and cherry tomatoes on top. Eggs should be cooked with butter or olive oil. Accompanied with milk tea or coffee, a vitamin-C and fish oil supplement.

Afternoon – Instead of a heavy lunch, have unsweetened yogurt, dark chocolate and some mixed nuts for lunch. Accompanied with tea. Also a great time for a short outdoor walk or yoga session.

Late Afternoon/Evening – Weight training or endurance exercise after work. Accompanied with sauna use. Eat and early dinner of fish or steak, with lots of cruciferous, bright-colored and dark green leafy veg. Accompanied by kimchi and some fruit high in vitamin-c. Drink plain water or tea (if it doesn’t disrupt sleep)

Late Evening/Night – Fast after sundown where only plain water is permitted. Get an early nights rest, reduce mobile device usage and exposure to too much artificial light. Some stretching, meditation or yoga would be good before bed.

That’s it.

Just tweak the routine and recommendations to fit your own goals/gender/nutrition requirements/lifestyle. Work indoors in an office and can’t get enough sunlight on weekdays? Add a vitamin-D supplement and get outdoors on the weekend. Training for a marathon don’t need to lose weight? Definitely increase your carb intake with whole grains.

One thing the research is incredibly in favor of is Time Restricted Eating or Intermittent Fasting for the body to rest and achieve autophagy, which has an incredibly wide range of health benefits. Although not explicitly stated in the routine, it is designed around the principle of an 8-10 hour eating window.

It’s probably not possible to have a perfect day if you’re a regular person with life responsibilities, but as we get closer and closer to the guidelines, we should see huge and long-lasting health improvements.

Any other good daily health routines or practices to implement, or what is working or not working for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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*Featured image is one of my sons, on our daily outdoor walks and workouts.

*This post contains affiliate links that may pay me commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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