I Started An Instagram Page To Share & Improve My Photography.

I believe that gear shouldn’t be a barrier to learning photography. Just go out and shoot more with whatever you have! As an amateur, professional gear is also beyond my skill level, so I prefer smaller and more portable equipment. I’m also a sucker for the vintage Fujifilm camera design and film quality look.

Here’s my low budget photography gear setup:

Fuji X20 – Compact and travels easily, the elder twin has already started practicing on it.
Fuji X-E1 –
Trying to learn to shoot manual with some vintage Minolta Rokkor lenses and a K&F adapter. It’s in cold storage for now until the boys grow up a bit.

Oh, and the Xiaomi MiA1 – Most of my instagram pictures were taken with this cheap smartphone.

The kid’s camera is something I ordered for my son cos he’s only allowed to use the X20 indoors 🤣. It even comes with an SD card. Link is here to buy on Lazada or Amazon.

*If you purchase via my links I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

For post production, I use LightroomCC (the mobile version), which is free and is incredibly powerful. It’s elevated many of my ‘just okay’ photos and rescued some truly terrible ones. There are tonnes of tutorials on Youtube, or just do like I did and play around with the controls one by one. Once you understand what they do then you can decide if you want to go more into technical aspects.

Lastly, I try to add some context and details to the pictures so that they tell a richer story. But overall, it’s nothing epic; just trying to make normal everyday stuff look unique and meaningful.

Comments and critique are always welcome. See you there!

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