About Me

An extremely introverted INTJ and independent thinker trying to reinvent himself in 2021.

Had an amazing past few years: Gotten married, beaten testicular cancer and recently become a father to two amazing boys (twins!).

Also a reformed wristwatch addict/collector. Still a crazy Japanophile with a modest collection of Japanese watches, pens and clothing.

Was once a former national chess player and still follow the current top grandmaster games. Way too many other hobbies and interests like writing, reading, entrepreneurship, triathlon, crypto, health, longevity, music and martial arts. This blog will help chronicle some of these projects.

When not watching Youtube, I’m working hard towards becoming the best dad I can be and also hopefully add some value to any readers out there.

Reach me on Linkedin and Facebook, or email me at leonard@leonardl.ee

I just started on Instagram to share and improve my photography skills.