A Sample Ideal Daily Routine For Optimizing Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

This article is based on the previous two articles about health, fitness, nutrition and testosterone. If you haven't read them, check them out here: How To Boost Testosterone Naturally And Safely - My Complete Notes Summarizing The Latest Scientific Research On Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle (2019-2020) I combined all the best practices and wrote myself… Continue reading A Sample Ideal Daily Routine For Optimizing Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally – My Complete Notes

Boosting testosterone naturally and safely is definitely a high priority for me this year. For most middle-aged men, increasing testosterone will enhance bone and muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase drive (including sex drive) and energy, improve physical recovery and also enhance cognitive abilities. Low testosterone can lead to poor heart health and early onset… Continue reading How To Boost Testosterone Naturally – My Complete Notes

Summarizing The Latest Research On Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle (Nov 2019-2020)

This post summarizes all the latest health, nutrition and lifestyle research and tips from Issues 1-24 of foundmyfitness.com's Health Science Digest (November 2019-2020). It covers basic principles and tips without quoting in detail or linking the actual studies and analysis, hopefully making it more practical and useful for everyone who is time constrained. Of course,… Continue reading Summarizing The Latest Research On Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle (Nov 2019-2020)

www.verticulture.store Is LIVE! (And Other Updates)

E-Commerce ProjectsI was supposed to release this post two nights ago, but fell asleep at the keyboard at around 11pm after working on the website. In a previous post, I've mentioned that I would start an e-commerce project to supply indoor and vertical personal farming products. So, http://www.verticulture.store is now live and like this blog,… Continue reading www.verticulture.store Is LIVE! (And Other Updates)

Minimalist Recipe #6 – Salad w/ Beetroot & Honey Dressing

This 20+ ingredient salad is incredibly nutritious and filling because of the sheer variety of fruit and veg. But it doesn't require a lot of prep or a long cooking time. Ingredients Raw Portion- almonds (bought pre-roasted)- cherry tomatoes- japanese cucumber- capsicum/bell peppers- sesame seeds- golden flax- lettuce- avocado- pineapple- blueberries- cheddar cheese (processed)- sesame… Continue reading Minimalist Recipe #6 – Salad w/ Beetroot & Honey Dressing

Post-Father’s Day Life Updates

Time for some updates regarding the blog and important stuff I've been working on. Father's DayJust spent a regular day at home with the family, we're still maintaining social distancing and living like hermits apart from Lea's office commute. I could probably use a haircut soon. Diet/NutritionOn the Father's Day weekend I made some ten-don… Continue reading Post-Father’s Day Life Updates

Inventing A Tea Recipe To Support Intermittent Fasting

If anyone wants to try it, the full recipe is included. Coffee has been an addiction since the good 'ol late night studying-partying college days, so we're closing in on a twentieth anniversary soon. And recently my coffee drinking has gone through the roof since having kids until I started getting daily headaches. But recently… Continue reading Inventing A Tea Recipe To Support Intermittent Fasting

Minimalist Recipe #4 – Sub 15-Minute Seafood Spaghettini

This recipe was adapted from Ben's Chargrilled Seafood Spaghettini Ingredients - Spaghetti or spaghettini- Chilli flakes- Wedge of lemon- 1 garlic- Prawns- Squid- Baby spinach Method Using a frying pan that is deep enough, add some water, a teaspoon of sea salt and the spaghettini. Bring to a boil on medium heat. The water level… Continue reading Minimalist Recipe #4 – Sub 15-Minute Seafood Spaghettini

Recipe #3 – Six Minute Rice Paper Pizza (Minimalist Solo Lunch)

Cooking for one person is generally not very efficient, since there is already a minimum base effort required to prepare ingredients and also cleanup. So I modified this quickfire recipe to solve all that. The key ingredient. Ingredients- Vietnamese rice paper (normally used for their spring rolls) I ordered mine off Lazada here- Mixed vegetables,… Continue reading Recipe #3 – Six Minute Rice Paper Pizza (Minimalist Solo Lunch)