Fiction Writing Project: The Wealthy Pawnbroker (A Sherlock Holmes Short Story).

Image by Tom Purvis in 1947, taken from Wikipedia Commons The second last day of July 1880 witnessed another unbearably hot summer afternoon for the city of London. At the southern complex of shophouses situated along Tottenham Court Road, blazing sunlight radiated off three golden spheres, the universal symbol of the pawnbroking institution. In an… Continue reading Fiction Writing Project: The Wealthy Pawnbroker (A Sherlock Holmes Short Story).

Walking + Running 41 km On My Day Off (With Zero Training)

Last weekend I had a day off from taking care of the boys. Lea and her sister brought them back for a hometown trip. Pretty much exactly from 5pm Friday to 5pm Saturday. So what did I do during these 24 hours? I thought it would be a good chance to do the 41 km… Continue reading Walking + Running 41 km On My Day Off (With Zero Training)

Another Set Of Twins Is Born (And Other Updates)

Balcony GardenThe aloe vera flowered recently and gave birth to two new babies! My mum the gardener was visiting recently and she helped to transplant them to their own pots before she left. She used my composted soil so we'll see if it's any good. I've actually stopped composting for some time now because we… Continue reading Another Set Of Twins Is Born (And Other Updates)

My Simple Method For Managing E-Mail (Inbox Zero)

Back when I was a full-time employee with Philips Lighting, I read a great book by David Allen titled Getting Things Done. This led me to reorganizing my MS-Outlook to inbox zero. It was one of the best things I ever did in terms of productivity because I never missed important emails and the system… Continue reading My Simple Method For Managing E-Mail (Inbox Zero)

Pinterest Marketing, My First Sale And Other Updates…

Verticulture Optimizing The WebstoreSo this past week I've been working on improving my website I added the 'product reviews' function (no actual reviews yet, of course), order tracking, and a contact page. I totally overlooked writing the contact page when launching the website, even though I already put the header in the main menu.… Continue reading Pinterest Marketing, My First Sale And Other Updates… Is LIVE! (And Other Updates)

E-Commerce ProjectsI was supposed to release this post two nights ago, but fell asleep at the keyboard at around 11pm after working on the website. In a previous post, I've mentioned that I would start an e-commerce project to supply indoor and vertical personal farming products. So, is now live and like this blog,… Continue reading Is LIVE! (And Other Updates)

Post-Father’s Day Life Updates

Time for some updates regarding the blog and important stuff I've been working on. Father's DayJust spent a regular day at home with the family, we're still maintaining social distancing and living like hermits apart from Lea's office commute. I could probably use a haircut soon. Diet/NutritionOn the Father's Day weekend I made some ten-don… Continue reading Post-Father’s Day Life Updates

Inventing A Tea Recipe To Support Intermittent Fasting

If anyone wants to try it, the full recipe is included. Coffee has been an addiction since the good 'ol late night studying-partying college days, so we're closing in on a twentieth anniversary soon. And recently my coffee drinking has gone through the roof since having kids until I started getting daily headaches. But recently… Continue reading Inventing A Tea Recipe To Support Intermittent Fasting

How To Get Back 100 Minutes Per Day.

Seneca has some of my favorite quotes about time. If someone throwing money away could be considered insane, then shouldn't someone throwing time away be similarly judged? Because unlike money, wasted time can never be recovered. I'm no different, and even extremely guilty of this, even if my blog deceptively presents the best version of… Continue reading How To Get Back 100 Minutes Per Day.