A Decade Of Creature Portraits (2008-2018)

First, a little backstory. My Chinese ancestors were teachers from Guangxi, but when my paternal grandfather came to Malaysia almost a century ago, he started up a small photo studio on Jalan Rahmat in Batu Pahat, Johor. I'm told the shop did not survive hard times, but I do have a few older cousins who… Continue reading A Decade Of Creature Portraits (2008-2018)

This could save you MYR 32,000…..if you have cats.

Duckie & Dolce back in 2008. Coco had not been adopted yet. Let's talk shit. Or rather, cat poop. The cat litter industry stood at USD 4 billion in 2018, and is expected to hit USD 5 billion by 2025. Basically, it's huge. And that stuff ain't cheap. For our three cats, we've been using… Continue reading This could save you MYR 32,000…..if you have cats.