Another Set Of Twins Is Born (And Other Updates)

Balcony GardenThe aloe vera flowered recently and gave birth to two new babies! My mum the gardener was visiting recently and she helped to transplant them to their own pots before she left. She used my composted soil so we'll see if it's any good. I've actually stopped composting for some time now because we… Continue reading Another Set Of Twins Is Born (And Other Updates)

Guest Post: Top 10 Tips From A Lifelong Gardener (My Mum!)

Fashion, passion and more passion (... fruit!) Shortly after my previous post describing a new lame attempt at starting a small composting project, my mum Anna gave me her top 10 lifetime gardening tips! She has always been a lifelong gardener. Even as a child, I have memories of her planting mangoes and guavas in… Continue reading Guest Post: Top 10 Tips From A Lifelong Gardener (My Mum!)

Balcony Farming & Composting Project

Used coffee grounds and fruit peel ready for the first round of composting. We have some space on the balcony that could be put to good use with a small vegetable garden. The objectives to be met: Only grow plants that can be harvested for eating or other usesReduce wastage of fruits and veges by… Continue reading Balcony Farming & Composting Project