Against All Odds – The Life & Times of Azechi Umetaro

Woodblock titled Mt. Fuji #2 by Azechi Umetaro (1979). Image from Azechi Umetaro knew from a young age that all he wanted to be was an artist. However, he was born to a poor farming family in the remote village of Uwajima, about 900 kilometres (559 miles) from the city of Tokyo. Ordinarily, this… Continue reading Against All Odds – The Life & Times of Azechi Umetaro

Resurrecting My Old Etsy Store

The Great Wave......arguably the most famous Japanese vintage woodblock of all time? I used to have an Etsy store. Well, still have, actually. It was only active for a year plus and I sold digital reprints (giclees) of vintage woodblock art from Japan (shin-hanga). These reproductions were for the purpose of displaying on walls, which… Continue reading Resurrecting My Old Etsy Store